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Historical brief about the faculty

The Faculty of Education started under the name of Teachers 'Faculty in 1957, where the idea of preparing the teaching staff in the female' schools were concerned by the committees assigned by the state to organize the affairs of education. Whereas the officials considered that depending on female graduates from the Faculty of Girls, Ain Shams University, was not enough to realize this idea at the preparatory and secondary levels, so it was necessary to inaugurate a higher institutes and private faculties for the preparation of female teachers, hence the idea of establishing this faculty. It was considered to be based in the Upper Egypt for many reasons, including: the geographical distribution of the institutes and faculties, in addition to encouraging parents in Upper Egypt to enroll their daughters in this college has been selected to the city of Assiut to be based. But the house which was prepared to create it was not appropriate, the idea went to the city of Minya and chose the building, which was occupied by the Teachers Institute special and is located behind the current building of the province. The college started its activities in September 1957 with two groups: English and mathematics. The number of female students was 54 students, but in the following year the French language department opened. In the academic year 59/1960, the Science Division was established, bringing the total number of people in the faculty to four. The first batch graduated from the faculty in 1961 in the Mathematics and English Divisions, which numbered 28 students. In 1971, the Presidential Decree No. 1578 was issued, including the establishment of the Faculty of Education at the branch of Assiut University in Minya. The College of Teachers was considered the nucleus of this college until it resigned from the University of Assiut by establishing Menia University after the issuance of the Presidential Decree No. 93 of 1976, The stand alone includes five colleges including the Faculty of Education. The Arabic language, art education, agricultural division, child education, primary education, and geography have been established.